Starting a Business? Where to start for fast cash!

Starting a Business? Where to start for fast cash!


What skills do you already have? What do strangers compliment you on? What skills did your parents have that you learned or knew about?

Write It Down

Once you have some ideas written down, do some research online to see if anyone else is doing these things – check out the competition. If you find something, really be thorough: Look at their website, call to actions, social media platforms, products and services they are offering and what price, what’s their unique selling position. Take all the best from each of your competitors and create your own spin, your own unique qualities that can make it better for your customers and know the following:

  • Who are you (your name/your business name)?
  • What is your specific best skill that you provide (that no one else can do as well)?
  • Who will you serve?
  • What do they need/want?
  • How will their life change because of who you are or what you provide for them?

Define Your Ideal Client

This is key to what and how you will do your marketing. Your business name should be fun, catchy and easy to remember*. Be Smart and go to Google Ad Words to search for your business name and phrases that receive the most traffic, especially when you are choosing your website URL! Research various words that relate to the business and what you want to do. Play with single words as well as phrases to find where the highest number of searches to create an ideal name for your business. Remember to write at least 50 top search engine words down because you will want to use these as often as you can in your marketing and website content so people will find you (SEO / SEM Strategies).

Define Your Product / Services

There should be a sales funnel for something FREE that will make it easy for people to be a part of your community and your company. This will be the first part of your sales funnel. Next will be your products or services that require a little more commitment and then you can have 2-3 more levels for up-selling to the point where you have a VIP experience/product.

Define Your Why / Mission

If you answered the questions above, this will come together very nicely. Do your best to fit this life/business purpose into one sentence with as few words as possible. This is your life purpose!

Marketing 101

After creating your name, develop your logo, brand, tag line and getting the basics will include a business card and flyer, postcard or tri-fold brochure… you can even create an ad in the form of a business card. If you are interested in having professional help, it’s best to hire one that can do some further market research and really help you define a niche and the opportunities for you to succeed, even if it’s a saturated market.

Set Up a Website

Setting up an email and phone number through Google is good, but if you have the budget, it’s recommended that you buy a website URL and create your email with your company URL (it’s more professional). The first step is to create a splash page with a Call-to-Action (CTA) so that you can start capturing emails from people who visit your URL. The easiest way to do this is to have some kind of giveaway (a downloadable white paper, tips, some expertise or a give-away gift). Next, find a company that can help you set up your website and define everything you will need to get started. Remember simple is better and allowing time to get feedback from a core group of friends and customers will be extremely helpful as you grow your business. Note: Having a direct sales page with a secondary page that will do up-selling can be a very quick way to help people buy from you.

Set Up Social Media Platforms

Again, this will take some research to find where your ideal customers spend most of their time and what they are looking for. It’s worth spending 3-6 months in testing, but getting Google Analytics and understanding reports on each of these platforms will be critical in really seeing what is working and what is not. Once you have secured 3-4 platforms then do some split testing and pick 1-2 platforms that are generating the most leads for you. This is where you want to start advertising and spending more of your marketing budget. Make sure to separate personal from business (i.e. don’t’ link your business to your personal Facebook page. Set up a business page specific to your business and then invite all your friends).

Check Out All the Marketing Platforms

Look at all the options for selling your product/services: There are a number of places to talk about what you do! Networking groups, flyers/tri-fold brochures, mail (postcards/letters), advertisements in industry or local neighborhood publications, referrals, cold calling/sales team, speaking. Remember not to put everything in one basket! Depending on what you are selling there may be an opportunity to create memberships, speaking engagements or tutorials that would be good streams of revenue as well.

Building Your Relationships

Write down or copy some sales words or things that your competition talks about and how they nurture their clients and community. It’s all about relationships and your ability to listen, understand the needs, identify their pains and provide the right solution(s). Get your sales process down from your 5-7 second elevator pitch/purpose sentence, your 30-second elevator pitch (get a phone # / email address from your prospect) to your 10-30 min sales call/speech where you have the right questions to ask to see if this is your ideal client.

Hitting Your Numbers

Test your sales pitch to a few friends or family members to get feedback and then it’s time to start making money and tracking results. Keep records of your contacts in an excel document or Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Set up your A, B and C clients (you will get 80% of your business from 20% of the people you contact). Remember the Rule of 500 and designate time to talk to 500 people per month (that’s 125/week or 25 people/day). This gets easier when you are working with social media, eNewsletters, and eBlasts, but remember to always prioritize your A clients with a phone call, meeting or lunch. If you are running a smart business, you or your sales team will be selling 75% of the time.

Know Your Genius and Build Your Team Around These Talents

Understanding yourself and what you do best is critical to the success of your business. Take some time to write down everything that you do in a day for several days or even several weeks, there will be certain tasks and things that you either don’t like or you know you don’t do well. These items can be hired out because there are some people truly love what you hate, so ultimately understanding this and hiring good people is critical to the success of your business.

Creating a flow of money is essential. Stay tuned for my next blog focused on identifying what you are selling and your sales funnel and how to create marketing automation around these topics. Check out my launch packages here.

The Basic Business Package

  • Business Name
  • Logo, BC and email signature
  • A website with keyword-rich URL
  • One Splash Page (Under construction with email CTA)
  • Social Media (3 platforms): Set up Business Pages
  • Flyer/Brochure/Ad/Postcard Design
    Six months of social media postings (3x/week), tracking and reports from Google Analytics, CRM set up.
  • $2500 Initial/$1500 per month retainer fee.

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