Lead Generation and Capture Strategies

Lead Generation and Capture Strategies

Do you have a well-defined sales funnel? Are you getting the numbers you want and converting those leads on a consistent basis? Here are a few Lead Generation Strategies from the experts on building, analyzing and optimizing your marketing and sales system.

  • Create great Lead Generation Strategies. Start testing and doing surveys. This will give you great feedback and even some testimonials to help optimize your strategy. Getting Google Analytics and reviewing any analytic opportunities will help you optimize your efforts to shut down or shift what’s not working and focus on to most effective or top 20% of what is working. Target those opportunities to maximize your results.
  • Create an effective sales funnel. Understanding all the ways you can touch and allow your ideal customers to engage with you is critical to setting up an effective marketing strategy. Whether you are networking, speaking, using an educational blog/webinar, advertising, throwing events, advertising or doing gorilla marketing be sure to get feedback from your customers. With your VIP experience in place, work backward on how you will reach out to the masses to start filling your funnel with different levels. Nurturing these touches along the way and allowing them to build trust and familiarity will go a long way with getting loyal customers who value you and what your company provides for them.
  • Identifying your ideal client. If you’ve been in business for a while, this will be a simple matter of looking at your best customers and finding all the similarities for age, lifestyle, gender, hobbies, and other demographic parameters. If you are new or not sure, Facebook advertising is a very quick and simple way to figure it out. Simply create a campaign with 6-10 different ads for your service or product and set your budgets low with a general demographic profile and watch who responds in the first week. Optimize and use your best ads moving forward and continue to monitor who, where and when these customers are responding. Also, you can look at competitive companies and review who following and liking their campaigns.
  1. Are you easy to find?
  2. Are you accessible on mobile phones or apps?
  3. Is it clear what to do when they arrive at your website/landing page?
  4. Is it easy to contact you for customer support?
  5. Why is your product or service the best?
  6. What will they get out of their experience with your company?
  7. What guarantees or perks do they get for this VIP option?
  • Define your VIP experience. If you are focused on your ideal client and the best possible experience they can have in being part of your culture, your brand, your services, and products, what does that look like? Really go into the details of the full experience:
  1. Responses and engagement from events, promotions, and offers
  2. Tracking likes, clicks, and conversions for the whole sales path (this includes who comes to your website landing pages, their behavior, and conversions).
  3. Identifying the amount you are spending on customer acquisition and the total value of a customer.
  • Effective Call-to-Actions.Most people are lazy, so making it easy for people and motivating them to engage and take action can be challenging. The most important thing is to understand your ideal client, their desires, pains, frustrations and what they need and want. Answering these questions and having solutions can be beneficial to their lives and lucrative for you and your business. Key into these for your marketing campaigns and have some fun. Funny videos or showing your expertise in any area will help draw people to you, but understanding that your customer desires to be heard and understood should be at the core of your values when dealing with them. Refine your message to be as clear and simple as possible will make everyone’s life simple. Blogs, pamphlets, and contracts can go deeper if need be.
  • Give them the best. Helping your client understand what you can provide and the benefits of your product or services can help them make the choice to be a part of your company, brand, and culture. Build your tribes around the amazing experiences your clients have with your company and continue to nurture those relationships. Once they decide to purchase, make sure they get that VIP experience at each level of engagement. This will create a reliable do my math homework, authentic brand that they can enjoy and will share with others.

Reward your best customers for their loyalty. Set up a special gift, event or perk for your best clients. This will help them feel special and encourage them to send their friends who will be equally excited about being part of your company.

To find out more about how these Lead Generation Strategies work, contact expert strategist Laura Hendrickson today at Laura@OpenOceanMarketing.com.

Creating Tribes – like-minded people who are raving fans!

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