Leading a Life of Purpose

Leading a Life of Purpose

For Coaches, Consultants and Experts

by Laura Hendrickson

A life of purpose and fulfillment on any level is a good thing. Understandably we all seek a balance where we have time to take care of our health, enjoy friends and family and have fun things to do. Of course, at some level, there is work to be completed. With purpose and insight, we can develop our skills and passions in a way so we are making money doing the things we love and are good at. This is the ultimate goal for creating an epic life. For those of us that seek to have an impact on the lives of others, there is a driving force that has taken us on a journey and created a level of expertise that is now or can be, a very valuable asset to ourselves and others.

These are the folks who are the experts, whose skills, talents and experience have brought them a level of success that others seek to attain or utilize for their benefit. Now, depending on where these people are in their careers, some may be seeking a way to leverage their time. These are the specific people that I’m here to help.

With over 30 years’ experience in developing brands, logos and creating marketing, it has only been over the last 6 months that I have been training with a mentor to develop and implement a proven strategy for not only a great marketing sales funnel, but one that is:

  • Virtually automated to create a steady flow of clients
  • A way of delivering the information so that many people can benefit from your knowledge and expertise with a residual income effect

This is my ultimate goal: master marketing and business to help people build their tribes, create residual income and have an epic life.

I have chosen to name this Program the SUPERSTAR Client Generator System. It’s my version of the ultimate in helping people discover their purpose, create Programs or packages for their ideal clients and then put the Client Generator System in place for a highly successful sales funnel that can generate a steady stream of clients.

There are 6 segments to this funnel, several online platforms to master and much of it is quite technical. I happen to love puzzles and technical stuff, so helping you implement this system with my team of experts is how we can help you get this up and running within an 8-12 week period of time and then refine and optimize while you are still in the  Program.

Your packages can then be implemented and recorded so you can use them on a continual basis with ease, leveraging your time in a way that creates a lot more freedom. Freedom to spend time with family, travel or all the other things in life that you love, but don’t necessarily make you money.

Purpose is really about having the freedom to choose what you do every moment of the day and doing the things you love. You are either creating habits that give you this freedom, you are spinning your wheels in habits that are not moving you anywhere or you are doing things that actually keep you in a very controlled existence and your choices are extremely limited.

Purpose is understanding the kind of impact you will have on those around you and what you will leave as your legacy. I invite you to discover my SUPERSTAR Client Generator System to see if you are ready to invest in yourself, invest in a life with freedom.

There will be a series of webinars that I am producing in connection with the topics of my SUPERSTAR Client Generator Package, so stay in touch, check my website events page, connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + or Instagram and let’s get our epic lives started!

In my first webinar, I’ll be interviewing purpose and planning coach, Lisa Hardess from Hardess Planning. We take an in-depth look at what you need to do to find your purpose and the first steps you can take to market it! Watch this webinar NOW.

Purpose-Building Your Tribe-SUPERSTAR Client Generator Webinar

Invest in creating your epic life now!

Of course, this is not for the weak at heart. It will take work, passion, and commitment to get everything set up, but once things are in place it’s just a matter of working the system and reaping the benefits.

Learn more and schedule to watch my free webinar! Click HERE to watch exactly what the full SUPERSTAR Client Generator System is and why it is the best online automated system for generating a consistent flow of high-quality clients that are ready to work with you now.

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