7 Things You Need to Know About Your Ideal Client

7 Things You Need to Know About Your Ideal Client

We like to call them your avatars. These jewels are your best customers for Relationship Marketing. 

They know who you are and they love what you do because you solve their greatest pains. Your solutions save them time, money, headaches and stress so they can get things done more efficiently.

So what are the key questions and concepts you need to understand about your ideal client?

  • You should start with PAIN. 

Pain is the number one thing your product or service should be focused on. Your ideal client has pain because they are missing something.

Have they wasted precious time, money or over-committed to solving their problem? Getting to the real heart of the pain matters. Maybe they are serious about having more freedom to spend with their family because it’s falling apart.

Understanding your customers’ pains, problems, and challenges – what they face every day – will be your biggest “aha” in providing exactly what they want in the way they’d like to get it. 

  • VALUE is a little tricky. 

Understanding who your people are and what they value is the next step. What kind of impact your product or service is going to make in their life can make a big difference in how you do pricing. 

Yes, you need to be aware of what the market is doing in general. But you also need to define what YOU are; whether you are there to provide your customers with the cheapest solutions, a good value, top of the line experiences, or something else.

  • PERSONALITY is a big one. 

This relates to who they are, how they think and process information, how they communicate, and how they learn. 

Are they visual, auditory, or kinesthetic? Are they animated and creative with a low attention span, or will they take the time to read all the fine print? Are they super analytical or do they just want the basic facts so they can move on to the next thing?

  • What are their HOBBIES?

When you are picking your audiences with Facebook Ads or looking for people with similar interests on Google Ads, you’ll want to know their hobbies, their favorite people, topics, and what they love. 

This will help you find them when they are relaxed and happy. If they like wine festivals or playing a sport, you may want to have a booth at one of these events. Or, say they listen to a certain podcast. It may be a good idea to get an interview with the host. 

Knowing what your ideal client likes also tells you what they don’t like. This helps you narrow down an endless ocean of possibilities to your audience.

  • WHERE are they? 

Different online platforms have different demographics! Facebook has a wide variety, but generally, they are people who like to use their mobile phones to socialize. LinkedIn is a more professional crowd. Instagram is super social and younger. 

Know where your audience gets their information. Are they online or on their phones? Would they rather hold a brochure or magazine in their hands? Understanding where your audience is helps you save money and create marketing that gets your ideal customer’s attention.

  • HOW do they buy? 

Some people are quick decision-makers who just want fast facts. Others want the best deal. Then there are those who do a ton of research before they purchase. 

Good Relationship Marketing is about creating effective content that shows your people exactly who you are, what you do, and how your products and services create value for them. This is only possible when you really understand how they arrive at their buying decisions. 

  • ONLINE or IN-PERSON? (WHERE do they buy?)

The types of relationships your customers enjoy also plays a big factor in how you sell to them. Some really love that personal, one-on-one, in-person connection when purchasing products and services. And the sales process may take several months to build up to this type of relationship and collaboration. Therefore, nurturing them with great content on a regular basis needs to be a part of your sales funnel for Relationship Marketing. 

Other customers love minimal or no interaction. They shop for on-demand products and services online. Here, making the online customer experience easy and simple should be the focus and end game. 

Whatever type of customer, you need to study their behavior as they browse your website or walk through your office or store. This is key in identifying your most effective sales process.

Want to TALK about Relationship Marketing?

We look forward to exploring Relationship Marketing with you and developing a winning sales strategy for your customers. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and email me at laura@openoceanmarketing.com or give me a call at 619-888-6743.

Laura Hendrickson
Nurture Marketing for Loyal Customers

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