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Our story

Listening and being in a moment of peace and quiet can bring light to any situation. Life has a funny way of keeping us moving in the direction of where our passions and talents are. Once we become aware of our power and stay present and open to the opportunities, the universe opens up and will show us the magic and possibilities.

The vision and purpose of Open Ocean Marketing is centered around building tribes. There is the smaller tribe of those individuals that are part of your business team, but then there is the community and culture that you create with your product and services. Cities are not built in a day, but consistently building, nurturing and optimizing what you have will bring a sense of home and loyalty within your customer base.

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Digital Marketing

Our team

Laura Hendrickson

Laura Hendrickson

CEO / Marketing Strategist

Laura Hendrickson is an expert marketing strategist and visionary. She enjoys collaborating with her clients to provide concrete results with marketing campaigns that work.

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