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Discover Your Purpose and How to Market It
Learn the steps to find your passion, break through blocks or feeling stuck and discover what to do to create a fulfilling and balanced life. My guest, Lisa Hardess from Hardess Planning will be our featured guest and she will guide you through the steps on finding your purpose. This interview will not only go over purpose but also show you why having a marketing plan that can generate high-quality clients on a regular basis can help you leverage your time and create that epic life that you’ve been dreaming of. Watch Now (password: “purpose”)

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Set Up Your Facebook Advertising for MAX Success
Facebook advertising expert, Michael Sebastian, shares his secrets to help you understand Facebook advertising. This is an interview style webinar that will not only show you how to set up your account but also tons of tips on how to be successful with your Facebook advertising campaigns.


  • Facebook Advertising Benefits
  • Basic Account Setup
  • Types of Ads
  • Managing Your Ads
  • Optimizing Your Advertising
  • Reading Campaign Analytics

All aspects of this webinar will help you get started with a solid foundation for understanding how Facebook advertising works, how to get everything set up to track and optimize your progress, content tips for headlines, types of images or video and much more. We’re excited to bring you this presentation and look forward to this event! Watch Now:

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