One of the most significant expenses that you are going to make regarding OOMG is having to completely replace your website. Just building your website will cost you a significant amount. You may even have to spend more, depending on the size and complexity of your online strategy. However, if you are wise enough to schedule periodic maintenance, optimize for speed and effectiveness in capturing new qualified leads and getting regular analytic reports, then you may be able to understand exactly what’s working and take advantage of these Digital Marketing Strategy insights. As compared to purchasing all new website, getting periodic updates and having to put out fires if your website goes down.


Ever get overwhelmed by the technology of today and spend a whole day figuring out how to update part of your website? Or worse, you hit the button to update a plugin and your website goes down? Having a professional who works on websites every day can really help when it comes to making sure your site gets the updates it needs to maintain the speed and efficiency of this fast-paced world. We’ll make sure your Digital Marketing Strategy is optimized for laptops and mobile devices too. It will be one less thing you need to worry about and you can focus on talking to more customers and building your business.


1ST MONTH: It’s all about getting organized, doing an online assessment and understanding what you have, how your website and brand is showing up (or not) and finding any missing pieces. Once we have this data we’ll collaborate with you on your goals, have a few requests and get all online platforms optimized with great images, messaging and search engine optimized content. Your website home page will be reviewed and optimized for load speed, mobility and ease of use, a great call-to-action that will capture leads. Each month we will choose one page to optimize and make sure the appropriate information, links and purpose of the page is fulfilled. Fresh content is the name of the game, so at our base level we will post any blogs, videos or content that you provide up to 2 times per month. This does not include building online sales funnels.

QUARTERLY: Each quarter you will get a one-hour consultation to review our strategy, progress and results.


ENEWSLETTERS: As you capture leads from your website, networking or your sales team and have a database, we highly encourage that you utilize email campaigns to keep these customers and prospects aware of news, company wins, team acknowledgements, upcoming events and the great content that you have to share. Monthly emails can drive more traffic to your website and your products, services and offers. Nurturing leads with great tips and sharing your expertise are great ways to build your reputation and trust in your industry.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Once we’ve established that your website is optimized, our team works on the strategy we’ve agreed upon (there will be some options) and we start implementation along with consulting you at your level for additional items to supplement what we are actively doing for you. For the basic package you’ll get 3 social media posts on 3 platforms of your choice weekly built with content that is geared towards your ideal clients, the products or services you offer with the purpose of driving traffic to your website and helping you capture leads. You will review this content every 2 weeks with options to approve or change before distribution. Each month you’ll get a report with your Google Analytics to see how much traffic you are getting, where these leads are coming from and what content visitors are responding to. Social media does get you leads to your website but will not guarantee qualified leads. Effective landing pages with capture strategies that pre-qualify these prospects are the most effective and are separate from this offer.

GOOGLE/FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGNS:  With the installation of lead capture or call-to-action forms on your website, Google or Facebook ads are a great way to get traffic and give prospects opportunities to respond. We take extra care that these offers convert and educate visitors exactly what they get, why it’s important to them, who it’s for, who it’s not for and lots of great reasons they need to be working with you and your business.

FYI: As we progress and obtain your main goal of obtaining more consistent traffic to your website, we will discuss ways to enhance the pieces that are working. You may change your level of commitment with a 30-day notice via email or phone call. All offers on this page will require a credit card payment upfront and disclosure of logins and passwords so my team and I may access your online accounts, add content and make adjustments and any other requested updates. For requests that are out the scope of your package, you will receive an estimate for your approval before work starts. If you have questions or need more information on these packages before making your decision, please book a 15-min phone call with this link.


Energy efficiency and managing your time as a business owner will help you gain momentum in your business. Allowing your website to not just be a brochure for your business online, but also attract and convert visitors will help you grow your business. The OOMG systems for websites and digital marketing will have a lot to do with how much energy you save when allowing our professional team to not only keep your website optimized, but also start implementing consistent marketing strategies to feed your online sales funnel strategies. Maintaining and optimizing your online presence is the first step in our system.

Periodic OOMG maintenance will not only protect your website but it will also help you have peace of mind that your website is up-to-date and your capture forms are working. Websites that are regularly maintained will demand less time while operating at an optimized level. Spending a small portion of your budget in maintaining your website won’t break your bank but will help you save money in the long run. Keep your website optimized for speed, efficiency and effectively capturing leads. Putting your website on a periodic maintenance schedule is the best way of making your website give excellent results.

Our Monthly 10 Point Maintenance

When you sign up to our Pearl Membership Program we will perform this 10 point maintenance inspection which includes:

  • Google Analytics
  • Plugin Updates
  • Image & Content Speed Optimization
  • Google My Business Updates
  • SEO Analytics
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Backlinks and Directory Listing
  • Traffic Sourcing & Full Report

Receive 10% Discount on All Updates & Services

All clients enrolled in our Digital Marketing Strategy Pearl Membership Program will receive a 10% discount on all projects and services.