DMOS Collective

DMOS Collective

Product Launch & Branding

From the beginning, DMOS Collective has been a brand of the people. Founded by Susan Pieper in 2015 with a simple desire to innovate the tools that you can carry into the backcountry and making them smaller and stronger. The first shovel, the Kicker Tool (now The Stealth Shovel), was the product of a crowdfunding campaign and unique co-creation process that enlisted some of the biggest names in action sports to help us design, refine and push the possibilities of our prototype until it was something they couldn’t live without. It was a process that turned our small, novel idea into a mountain necessity and inspired our journey with our customers to be a shared one ever since.

In partnership with Barrel O’ Monkeyz and the full team, we were able to have a successful kickstarter to launch this product into full production. Ultimately the “Kicker Tool” won an award for Hardware Winter of the ISPO BRANDNEW at ISPO MUNICH 2016!

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