Polar Bear Classic Volleyball Tournament Sweatshirt Design

Polar Bear Classic Volleyball Tournament Sweatshirt Design

The Sweatshirt

The 33rd Annual Polar Bear Classic Volleyball Tournament is a fundraiser in early December for Starlings Volleyball and the San Diego Sports Courts in South Mission Beach. With over 400 in attendance, the event brings in 250 participants in ages ranging from 14 to 65. Divisions include an open draw and weighted tournament for Men and Women along with Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, Father/Daughter and girls U14, U16 and U18. It’s a fun, family-friendly event. Proceeds go to Starlings Volleyball clubs who support young underprivileged girls to play the game of volleyball at a lower cost compared to the big volleyball clubs across the country. The San Diego Sports courts, which includes an outdoor basketball court and 14 beach volleyball courts also receive funds for the purchase of equipment and general maintenance. These sports courts are maintained by San Diego Beach Improvement Group, a non-profit dedicated to “Creating Great Experiences at the Beach” and the facility is a true haven for anyone who enjoys playing basketball or volleyball at the beach!

The sweatshirt is a commemorative token at the event and can be seen worn throughout the year by participants. Artwork changes from year to year with the collaboration and vision of tournament director, Mark Antis and artist, Laura Hendrickson from Open Ocean Marketing & Graphics. We enjoy keeping the graphics simple for impact and this year we honored George Stephanof, who has been an integral figure in the volleyball world of San Diego for the last 60 years. George has been a player, tournament director and huge advocate of honoring a sportsman and sportswoman of the year. One of his favorite memories is winning the event with his son and being able to give back to the community from the proceeds of this Polar Bear Classic event.

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